What is it that you do?

We provide a long term web hosting and (memorial) website design service for people wanting to share memories about their loved ones.

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What process do we follow in order to get a memorial website up and running?

1. We ask you to collect certain basic information about the person to be memorialized. 2. You submit the information and we create a memorial website. 3. We'll give you information regarding updating the various sections of the memorial page. This will allow friends and family to to securely post thoughts and memories. 4. If you choose to leverage the QR code we generate for the memorial site, we can give you options for displaying it.

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What is a QR code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional bar code). QR codes have become common in consumer advertising. Smartphone users can install an app with a QR-code scanner that can read a displayed code and convert it to a URL (website address) directing the smartphone's browser to the website of a company, store, or product associated with that code providing specific information.

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What costs and fees will we incur immediately and long term?

There is a one time $300 fee associated with each memorial web page hosted on LegacyPreservation.org. A portion of this one time fee is immediately deposited into our endowment fund. No recurring fees will be assessed.

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Why do you have an endowment fund?

Similar to how a cemetery is funded after all plots are sold, we anticipate a time when these websites will require funding to stay online. Our primary goals for this project are sharing memories and maintaining access to those memories over extremely long periods of time. Our planned endowment fund will have specific rules for use that will help keep the memorial websites up and running indefinitely.

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LegacyPreservation.org Current Status

As of May 2013, LegacyPreservation.org is a LLC in the State of Georgia. We are a small company growing our business through direct marketing and B2B partnerships. Please contact Brandon Ott if you would like a memorial site setup.

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